5 Healthy Steps to Lush Lawns & Your Wallet

5 Healthy Steps to Lush Lawns & Your Wallet
When it comes to irrigation, the right system can help your vegetation flourish and conserve water. Overwatering can be just as damaging as under watering and can be costly on your water bill. Depending on the size of your property, irrigation would keep your vegetation healthy and use the needed water properly.

Accent Landscaping & Irrigation gets a lot of questions about irrigation. Many people considering irrigation often ask us if it isnecessary. The short answer to that is that irrigation is necessary, but we have somesuggestions put together to help someone wondering about irrigation to keep in mind whenexploring who might do it:

1. Always make sure that your contractor is a state-licensed irrigator. It is a type of job whereif something goes wrong, it could be costly to repair. If you have a state-licensed irrigator, youare protected against having the cost for repair to fall on you.

2. Make an informed decision about the equipment being used for the job. There is a widevariety of equipment when it comes to irrigation. If you don’t have the correct size for what youneed, the installation will not go smoothly and could end up causing a lot of problems.

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3. Get your contract in writing. Make sure that the specific terms you have are in the writtencontract and don’t do anything outside of that contract without a signed revision or anaddendum.

4. Consider a warranty. From time to time, irrigation equipment may need repairs or adjustments,so it is a good idea to get a warranty on it. Having a warranty can save you a lot of money in thelong run if you find that you need it.

5. Ask for references. Do the contractors have a good reputation? It is a fair and necessaryquestion to ask of someone that you are trusting your property to improve it.